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Annie Puybareau

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Aldo Balding

Beginning his career as a freelance illustrator in London, his work appeared on the front covers of numerous magazines including the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, TV Times and Punch. Aldo moved to France to be a full time artists and now lives in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France. He is represented by a number […]

Pamela Blaise

Artist Statement I create representational oil paintings using an alla prima technique. This means each piece is completed while the paint is still wet.  The time limitation of this technique motivates an energetic pace to my work and helps to keep my inspiration fresh. Using this wet-on-wet technique, I employ thin, transparent washes along with […]

Tatania Potapova

I was born in Moscow in 1977. I arrived in Belgium when I was 18 to work as an au pair, where I subsequently studied law and management. After 15 years’ career working in international companies, I decided to take up sculpturing, thus renewing a childhood passion. I have been described as someone full of […]

Olga Krimon

ARTIST STATEMENT I take reality, I absorb it through the mill of my experiences and schooling,   And then I produce a new carefully designed reality that evokes feelings and memories. This reality takes abstraction of strokes, edges, values and color relationships, and morphs them into a world that I imagined, that affects a viewer on […]

Fran Halpin

Dublin-born artist, Fran Halpin is a fine artist and has been working internationally as a full time commercial artist since her graduation from DIT, Fine Art in 1997. Halpin is a process-driven artist with technical mastery a driving force behind her painted water scenes; these authentic representations ask the viewer to pause, step into a […]

Sarah Sue McNeill

 SARA SUE McNEILL Sue McNeill was born in Belfast and educated at Battle Abbey & Millfield School, Somerset.  She obtained a Diploma of Art in 1974.  Post Graduate study with Kenneth Webb and the Irish School of landscape Painting. Elected Fellow, Irish School of Landscape Painting in 1975, and Elected Member of the Ulster Society […]

Noílín Shaw

Nóilín Shaw is a contemporary Irish artist living and painting in Co. Meath. She works in her studio and also enjoys painting Plein Eir. Her work incorporates drawing, painting and sculpture.  She paints mainly in oils. She holds a B.A., Diploma in Art and Design (NCAD , Dublin )and more recently a Diploma In Painting […]

Ann McKenna

I am a painter and printmaker. I describe my work as narrative, drawing inspiration from diverse stories ranging from Irish legends to familiar fairy tales, from romantic tragedies to the meanderings of James Joyce’s Leopold Bloom, to mention a few. Having an interest in medieval manuscripts and early Christian art has influenced my approach to […]

Phelim Donfield

I was born in Dublin in 1966. I am a self taught artist. My father was also an artist and so I grew up in an atmosphere of painting. Despite this I received no formal art lessons from him. I started painting from a young age and entered and won many children’s art competitions including […]

Donnacha Cahill

Donnacha Cahill is a west of Ireland sculptor specialising in Bronze and Steel.   A Fine-Art graduate from the ‘Galway Mayo Institute of Technology’, Donnacha is renowned for his ability to create sculpture that tells a story but also allows the viewer to interpret the work with their own narrative. Donnacha has created work for both public […]

Jenny Aitken

Jenny Aitken ARSMA graduated from UCW Aberystwyth 1997 with a BA joint Honours in Art and Art History. In 2006, she was a finalist in the Artist Magazine Awards and in 2008, voted Derbyshire Artist of the Year. Since then Jenny has exhibited all over the Uk and won several awards, most recently the Artist […]

Stephanie Hess

STEPHANIE HESS: Stephanie is an award-winning sculptor based in Dublin.Born in Singapore to Irish parents with a taste for adventure, Stephanie lived widely throughoutEurope, Canada and the States before settling in South Africa from 2000-2014. This period saw herexplore ceramics and sculpture under the tutelage of local and international artists. She found abronze casting course […]

Davin Butler

Davin Butler is the youngest of 3 siblings, all of whom have inherited their father Liam’s ability to sculpt creatively in Copper.  He started sculpting in his teens and is now continuing to do so part-time, while working in web development. He has travelled around Canada, where he worked in an art gallery exhibiting art […]

Lisa Butler

Lisa Butler trained in Occupational Therapy, and currently splits her week between a job in an inclusive arts charity and the family workshop. She has always loved drawing and painting and first experimented with sculpture in her teenage years. Having spent time working in Dublin and abroad she has found herself returning home to spend […]

Bairbre Duggan

To make a painting you need a starting point. Mine happens to be in the real world, usually a person, place or living thing.  My training was a traditional figurative one (Wackers Academie, Amsterdam) , but also academic, with a Masters in History of Art (Trinity College, Dublin). Inspired by painters past and present, too […]

Roisin O’Farrell

Irish Artist Roisin O’Farrell was born to a family of talented artists. Her exposure to art from an early age offered her a visual apprenticeship to both classical and contemporary art.  Roisin’s work to date, although diverse in subject is unified in its bold approach to colour and application of paint.  Her work is instantly […]

Patrick Cahill

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Patrick Cahill has been working as an artist for over thirty years. He began his career as a graphic artist and then spent some time working in illustration, and for the past twenty years he has devoted himself exclusively to fine art. He would originally have been best known for his […]

Siobhan Bulfin

Siobhán Bulfin is an emerging Irish artist who lives in Co. Offaly with her husband and son. They live on a farm, where her husband, George, breaks and trains horses and Siobhán spends much of her time in the arena sketching them. Siobhán never set her heart on being a full – time artist; it […]

Sally Dunham

Sally Dunham’s first real introduction to clay came when she started Sixth Form College in Cambridge and was given a choice in media in which to specialise. As soon as Sally used clay she was hooked. She remembers carving into a block of clay to create her first figure, and her teacher saying to her […]

Ronan Butler

Sculpting runs in the Butler Family with Ronan, Lisa and Davin all learning their skill from their father Liam. Ronan is the oldest Butler sibling and was the first to learn the art of welding and copper sculpture from his father. He has been a full-time artist since 2016, exhibiting his unique work at galleries […]

Rolf Hook

Rolf Hook comes from a family of engineers, craftsmen, inventors and artists whose early roots go back to Holland and the South of England. He grew up in Germany, in the Rhine Valley. It was here in his father’s specialised workshop that he was first exposed to the medium of wood. After finishing college he […]

Robert Jayet

Robert Jayet is a sculptor living and working in Grenoble, France. He works using a combination of semi precious stones, bronze and various metals to create figures with a depth and texture that recall his idols Dali, Giacometti & Brunesci. Also influenced by African and Etruscan art, his figures both human and animal are elongated […]

Richard Ballantyne

Richard Ballantyne works closely with Carol Read in the production of a large range of ceramic items – from domestic stoneware to sculptural. The sculptural pieces are all one offs and start life on the potter’s wheel prior to being manipulated into a variety of animal foms and then raku fired. Qualifications2006 BA Hons, Bucks […]

Pascal Chesneau

A man of Vision rather than words Pascal does not much like to eulogise about his work.He takes a flat sheet of steel and moulds and bends it with infinite care and precision into animal forms of exquisite beauty and delicacy.Born in 1967 in Brittany, France. He is completely self taught.He begins by modelling his […]

Padraig Reaney

Biography Pádraic Reaney was born in Carraroe, Co. Galway in 1952.He studied Fine Art at Galway, Regional Technical College encouraged by the well-known sculptor Oisín Kelly and has been a full-time artist since leaving college. He painted for several years in Galway; later he built a studio in Moycullen, where he now lives and works. […]

Ostinelli & Priest

Ostinelli & Priest are well known for their animal sculpture which draws on both domestic and wildlife subjects. The work is quirky, and inspired. They imbue each creature with it’s own unique character which virtually brings it to life. Paul Priest is a professional member of the Craft Potters Association and he formed a working […]

Melanie Deegan

Melanie Deegan’s sculpting career started in the 1980’s when she spent several years working as a woodcarver with Ray Holloway in the Somerset village of Draycott. The artist uses wire, steel and a mix of textured materials such as cotton or jute scrim with Crystacal, Jesmonite, or Paverpol to create her sculptures. Her sculptures are […]