Eileen Meagher

One of Irelands most accomplished landscape and seascape artists, Eileen Meagher studied art and draughtsmanship in the sixties at the National College of Art and Design.

Originally from Dublin she now divides her time between The city and her beloved Connemara where she has made a home for more than twenty years.

Seldom has a painter succeeded so skilfully in translating into paint the solemn and resplendent beauty that is Connemara in all her various guises.

There’s a saying in Ireland – ‘If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes’.
Eileen captures this meteorological whimsey effortlessly in her work .
One senses that in just a fleeting moment those cumulous white clouds sitting atop the mountains will give way to grey thunder or clear blue skies. Most likely both simultaneously.

Her attention to detail is flawless, Her work realistic almost to the point of surrealism at times.

She presents to us a land which has remained untouched for generations renewing itself with the cycles of the season. The landscape that inspired Keating, Henry, Yeats, and later on Gerard Dillon, Letitia Hamilton, and Camille souter. Each generation bringing with it a new interpretation of this timeless landscape.

How many artists have stood on the lonely road by Doo Lough with the ghosts of the past. Ridges in tiny fields halfway up the mountainside promising a scant meal. Beaches without a single footprint.
The smell of the turf fires, and the roar of the ocean.
All this and more she strives daily to translate into paint.

“Until I accept that I cannot achieve the Impossible I will always be learning”

Eileen Meagher

Eileen’s work is much sought after. It can be found in the National Collection, in many Government Departments, in Westport House, The Blackrock Clinic, and the Australian Embassy and in many important collections throughout the world