Fran Halpin

Dublin-born artist, Fran Halpin is a fine artist and has been working internationally as a full time commercial artist since her graduation from DIT, Fine Art in 1997.

Halpin is a process-driven artist with technical mastery a driving force behind her painted water scenes; these authentic representations ask the viewer to pause, step into a calm space and reconnect with childhood memories. Halpin’s intention is to use fine art to create a sensorial and emotive connection with her audience.

By passing obstacles and roadblocks as a teenager and young adult, Fran caught a glimpse of her dream artist’s life when she opened the doors to her very first solo exhibition in 2018. She remembers, “I finally found the courage to paint for myself when I decided to throw away the rulebook and paint what I love.” Having gone straight from college to self-employment, the tenacious painter had had enough of creating for other people and realised she had the talent to make it on her own.

Since that showing 4 years ago, Fran has made her mark on the art world. Successfully running two businesses, it’s safe to say she has come quite a long way from the school art room where it all began. Splitting her time across her mural business and personal paintings, Fran says, “I feel lucky that I get to paint anything I like and I actually get to make a living from this. It never ceases to amaze me.”

Not one to slow down, the Irish artist is looking toward the future with her next project and release of her next collection. An inspiration to budding creatives everywhere, Fran quotes her mother when leaving us with her biggest piece of advice, “If it was easy everyone would do it!”