George Walsh

Influences on my work and thoughts on the future of stained glass.

I served an apprenticeship with my father, George Stephen Walsh in studios in Belfast and the United States and attended the School of Art, Belfast.  This studio system of learning the techniques has, for the most part, disappeared and young students learn what they can from attending colleges and gleaning information from older artists.The influences on my work of course would be Harry Clarke, but also many artists like the painter George Campbell who also worked in the medium of stained glass.  Like Campbell’s, Chagall’s work has been successfully interpreted in stained glass.

In Ireland stained glass is primarily associated with ecclesiastical images.  I would like to see teachers encouraging students to experiment in the modern media like hot glass, fused glass, appliqué, etc.  There are some very talented young glass artists on stream in Ireland, i.e. Killian Schurmann (hot glass) and Sandra Miley (etched glass) and I hope they will move the medium of glass to new dimensions in the future.  Although, as I have previously mentioned, most stained glass is ecclesiastical in form, new buildings (and sometimes poor architectural spaces) can be enhanced by the introduction of a glass wall or piece of work.

Finally, I would say that glass is such an underrated material in our society.  Stained glass can transport us back to the Middle Ages.  It can give an atmosphere to a space both spiritual and contemplative.  As in the words of Abbé Sugar in 1200A.D.:

“To illum men’s minds so that they may travel through light to an apprehension of God’s Light.”

                                                                               CURRICULUM VITAE FOR GEORGE WALSH


1953-1960 Served a 7 year Apprenticeship in Stained Glass with my father

George S. Walsh (apprentice to Harry Clarke) and other stained glass artists in

Clokley’s Studios, Belfast.

1953-1957 Attended Belfast College of Art, studying Stained Glass under Mr. John

Meagher (part of the apprenticeship)

1960-62. Worked in Stained Glass at the Conrad Pickel Studio. Waukesha (WI).


1963 Night classes in “Life” drawing at The National College of Art & Design.


2010 –Winner of Donegal County Council’s competition for Stained Glass window.

on the theme of “How We Remember” for 28th Battalion, Finner Camp, Co. Donegal.

2008– “Integrated Art Works Commendation” for Stained Glass in Church of the

Holy Family, Belfast given by The Royal Society of Ulster Architects

2008—Bank of Ireland award for “Best Art in Architecture-2008” for Church of the

Holy Family, Belfast.

Some Recent Stained Glass Commissions:

Lagan College, Belfast-Interdenominational Secondary School 28th Battalion, Finner Army Camp, Bundoran, Co. Donegal

Church of the Holy Family, Newington Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland, stained

glass throughout the church, as well as bronze tabernacle.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, Kilcummin, Co. Kerry

Church of the Irish Martyrs, Ballycane, Naas, Co. Kildare, stained glass throughout

“Avila” Dominican Retreat House, Donnybrook, Dublin

Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin 2023

Some Other Commissions:

Library Window, Sandford Parish National School, Ranelagh, Dublin

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Albert Theatre, 3 Stained Glass “Millennium”


Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, 500th Anniversary Commemoration

Stained Glass window

Dublinia, Medieval Trust (former Synod Hall of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin)—

2 Stained Glass windows. One represents the old trades of Dublin and the other

the Medieval Administration of the city.

St. Peter’s Church, Chantilly, France

New University Chapel, University College, Galway-Stained Glass throughout

Maugherow Church, Sligo, Stained Glass throughout

Galway Cathedral, Galway-2 Stained Glass windows

President Mary Robinson, Stained Glass Presentation Panel, Dublin

Bausch & Lomb, Wexford—Foyer-glass sculpture

Black Abbey, Kilkenny, Stained Glass window

Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Dublin

Clongowes Wood College, Clane, Stained Glass window

Recent Stained Glass Exhibitions :

2006. “R.H.A. Annual Exhibition”. Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin

2007. “The Light Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass Art”. Craft Gallery, Crafts

Council of Ireland, Kilkenny.

2012. Greenacres Gallery, Wexford Opera Festival Exhibition

2012. Greenacres Gallery , Wexford “James English RHA & Friends”

2019. Trinity Gallery, Clare Street, Dublin One man show featuring

stained glass piecess, paintings & collage. Now shows pieces regularly in this


Shows annually in:

Water Colour Society of Ireland

Dublin Sketching Club

United Arts Club, Arts Committee Show & Annual Members Show

Sculpture in Context, Botanic Garden