On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

Open Gold Acrylic On Canvas

90 x 120cm

During the Autumn I travelled to Xabia in Alicante. This became a captivating quest to capture the exquisite beauty of pebble-strewn beaches. Joined by my husband, armed with a GoPro camera and a waterproof case for my phone, we submerged ourselves in the coastal waters, using our lenses to unveil the breathtaking underwater tapestry.

Among the myriad of shots, one of my favourites captures the pebbles extending into the distance beneath the water’s surface, bathed in the ethereal glow of sunlight filtering through the waves.

These photographs from our snorkeling escapade have evolved into a wellspring of boundless inspiration, sparking the genesis of a thrilling new body of work. I am delighted to unveil these creations in my print shop, each piece crafted to encapsulate the alluring magic of our aquatic exploration. I hope they resonate with others, conveying the enchantment and beauty we encountered beneath the waves.


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