Pascal Chesneau

A man of Vision rather than words Pascal does not much like to eulogise about his work.
He takes a flat sheet of steel and moulds and bends it with infinite care and precision into animal forms of exquisite beauty and delicacy.
Born in 1967 in Brittany, France. He is completely self taught.
He begins by modelling his subjects in paper which allows him to retain a lightness of form, then he translates it to metal, always minimising the material but using just enough to convey the savage power and strength of his subjects as well as the terrible fragility and uncertainty that is their present day reality.
Pascal is a lovely unassuming individual. Salt of the Earth. He puts his phenomenal success as much down to luck as to skill – but it is the skill that has put him where he is today.

He has won multiple Awards:

Prix Rosini. SNAA, Bry sur Marne 2013
Médaille de Bronze 2014, Salon Des Artistes Français, Art en Capital
Prix Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014, London, David Shepherd Foundation.
Prix Estades, SNAA Bry sur Marne, 2015.
Prix de la Fondation Taylor, Salon des Artistes Français, Art en Capital 2015
Médaille d’argent, Salon des Artistes Français, Art en Capital 2018.


Art Cheval, Saumur
Salon Violet, Paris
Salon de Garches
Arkan, Caen
Biennale de Sculpture, Ouistreham
Biennale de Sculpture animalieère, Rambouillet
Salon National des Artistes Animalier, Bry sur Marne
Sab Bruxelles, Belgique
Wildlife Artist of the Year, London, UK
Galerie Estades, Paris, Lyon
Galerie in Art Veritas, Clisson, Angers
Galerie Nicole Gogat, Le Touquet
Rountree Tryon Gallery, London, UK
Artprize 10, Grandd Rapids, USA