Ostinelli & Priest

Ostinelli & Priest are well known for their animal sculpture which draws on both domestic and wildlife subjects. The work is quirky, and inspired. They imbue each creature with it’s own unique character which virtually brings it to life.

Paul Priest is a professional member of the Craft Potters Association and he formed a working partnership with Gaynor Ostinelli 12 years ago.
Paul studied Graphic Design, photography and illustration, but it is as a ceramicist/sculptor that he found his artistic vocation. From the time he began working with Gaynor their work  developed into the very successful form we see today. Their work can be seen in both galleries and exhibitions, within the UK and internationally.
Through necessity, the format of the partnership has changed over time, and now Paul  predominantly models the work, leaving Gaynor  free to design and research the subjects, presentation, and photography.

OSTINELLI & PRIEST – Artist statement

The working partnership that is ‘Ostinelli & Priest’ has flourished because of the balance of understanding and purpose between the two artists, which  allows them to create work that both pleases and inspires.

The subjects that they choose are many and varied due to the ever increasing demand for their work, and the many commissions they take on annually. Nothing is too much of a challenge.

The process begins with the construction of a form created from bubble wrap built over a rigid form. Clay is then applied onto the bubble wrap armature and modelled and sculpted to create the desired subject.

We have always thought of our work as a crossover between sculpture and painting – the pieces are first created in clay and fired, only then is colour applied bringing further character and individuality to the work as it develops. Sculptures will be fired as many times as is necessary to achieve the required finish.