Michael Morris

Michael Morris is a critically acclaimed Irish artist whose paintings have been lauded for their unique and vibrant style. His work is held in many private and public collections worldwide.
Born in Dublin Ireland, Michael is a largely self-taught painter who’s travels have helped in honing a style that is individual and immediately recognizable. “I started at art college but left very soon afterwards – I didn’t like being told what to do” says Morris. “So I followed my own path, and gained a clearer perspective on what I wanted to create”. Morris’s travels took him to the South of France, Rome, Venice, and Spain, and while Ireland tends to be his main subject matter his works are suffused with both French sensibility and Mediterranean light.

“When I relaxed I became much better as an artist, I suppose this comes with time.” he says. “My style is not conceptual, though it may appear so. What I had been painting previously developed into what you see today, and I let the style emerge by itself naturally. It’s the result of many small decisions made over many years, and it’s constantly evolving. I have always aimed for originality in my life and try as much as possible not to be influenced, but it appears those who have influenced me are not typically my favourite artists. For example, I love Goya but my work looks nothing like his. In fact, the biggest influence that I see in my present work seems to have come from Barcelona’s graffiti artists.”

If there is a touch of the Guerilla to Morris’ paintings it only adds to the sense of vibrancy that he manages to bring to the traditionally grey Dublin city. His painting is as reminiscent of mosaic as it is of the masters of the late 19th and early 20th century, including the impressionists and post-impressionists.