Malcolm Bennett

Malcolm Bennett was born in 1942 and has been active in the Irish art scene for over forty years. Indeed his first shows with the Caldwell were when the gallery was barely four years old itself.

His style is strongly rooted in the Irish school of abstract landscape painting, the rich surfaces of his paintings displaying a remarkable insight into both his subject matter and understanding of the medium he uses. His work, while echoing places at home or abroad maintains an ethereal quality that takes the viewer on yet another journey, into an artist’s unique interpretation of place. Every image evokes a sense of the mystical and draws the viewer into his world. The rich surfaces display a remarkable insight to both subject and medium.

Bennett is a widely travelled painter, he has visited Europe, Australia, Asia and America in search of new imagery, but always returns to Ireland to view the landscape with a fresh eye.

Malcolm Bennett has been a regular contributor to major exhibitions in Ireland since the early 1960’s. These include Irish Exhibition of Living Art, Oireachtas, the RHA, Ulster Painting and the RUA. He has also exhibited since 1966 in Belfast, Dublin, London and abroad.