Kevin Lowery

Kevin Lowery is a seascape devoted painter living and working in the North-West of Ireland. Living by the sea all his life has inspired Kevin to paint the rolling surf, merciless oceanic turmoil, and the ever changing skies found along the coastline. 

Human beings have always had an intimate relationship with the water, and Kevin has always had a particular interest in the often unpredictable and life-changing nature of the sea, which can be seen in his unique ability to depict changing light on water and rapidly altering climatic conditions.

Having studied painting at Dublin’s National College Of Art And Design in the early 2000s, Kevin has exhibited extensively with numerous works in both Irish and international collections.  He has also recently become a keen surfer, which affords him yet another interesting perspective from which to explore the intricacies of Ireland’s Atlantic coast.

Kevin Lowery, (b. 1983, Ireland)

– Education

2001-2004, 3 years of 4 year degree course in Fine Art – Painting at NCAD, Dublin

– Exhibitions

November 2019 “Le Cheile”, Bundoran, Donegal

November 2019 “Art Source”, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

July 2019 “Summer Open Exhibition”, Courthouse Gallery, Clare

April 2019 “Infinite Moments – Kevin Lowery & Louise Leonard”, Glor, Ennis

December 2018 “GOMA Group Show”, GOMA, Waterford

November 2018 “Art Source”, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

October 2018 “Storm Paintings”, Bluestacks Festival, Donegal, Ireland

September 2018 “Festival Vagabonde”, Cour Mably, Bordeaux, France

April 2018 “Glebe Gallery Open”, Glebe Gallery, Ireland

November 2017 “Art Source”, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

October 2017 “Halcyon Days”, Glor, Ennis, Ireland

April 2017 “Shore Shots Festival”, Sligo, Ireland

January 2017 “Transatlantic Connections 2017”, Bundoran, Ireland

December 2016 “Bundoran Christmas Exhibition”, Bundoran, Ireland

September 2016 “Pocket Film Festival”, Bundoran, Ireland

April 2016 “Wave|Form – New Seascapes by Kevin Lowery”, Bundoran, Ireland

April 2016 “Shore Shots Festival”, Sligo, Ireland

January 2016 “Transatlantic Connections 2016”, Bundoran, Ireland

January 2015 “Transatlantic Connections 2015”, Bundoran, Ireland

December 2014 “National Crafts & Design Fair”, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

October 2014 “Ebb & Flow”, Bundoran, Ireland

April 2014 “Sligo Home & Motor Show”, Sligo. Ireland

March 2014 “Solo Exhibition”, Abbey Arts Centre, Ballyshannon, Ireland

January 2014 “Transatlantic Connections 2014”, Bundoran, Ireland

July 2011 “Rolling Arts”, Abbey Arts Centre, Ballyshannon, Ireland

September 2009 “Coast”, Bundoran Library, Donegal, Ireland

April 2009 “Glebe Gallery Open”, Glebe Gallery, Ireland

September 2008 “Group Portrait Exhibition”, Abbey Arts Centre, Ireland

July 2008 “Rolling Art – Kevin Lowery & David Merryfield”, Abbey Arts Centre

2006 “Solo Exhibition”, Allingham House, Ballyshannon, Ireland

– Bibliography

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– Collections

Milwaukee Irish Festival

AIB Bank

SIAC Construction

Neven Maguire

Colaiste Cholcille

Tanaiste Mary Coughla