Dainius Varna

Dainius Varnelis – is a metal artist, sculptor, & blacksmith of Lithuanian origin.
He began his career, after graduating as a metal designer in Lithuania.
He works with a variety of metals, mostly steel and copper, and his pieces are unique and often quirky.
They are romantic, light, fragile & fun.
They are welded, melted, polished and varnished.
They are ideas made into solid pieces using recycled metal from his own workshop in Co. Wexford.
Dainius lives with his wife Lina, herself an accomplished goldsmith, and their children in County Wexford.
“Our goal as artists is to share our journey with you, we value creativity, craft and quality, we are passionate about our work, nature lovers from our core! We are a creative duo, professional designers, blacksmith and goldsmith, husband and wife. “
Dainius and Lena have been creating together in their shared studio in Wexford for almost 2 decades.