Cara Gordon

Cara  Gordon was born in Belfast and studied fine art at Newcastle University.


Working mainly in charcoal, ink and acrylic, her work covers a wide variety of subjects. Over the years animals, and in particular dogs, have been a recurring theme in her work –  the vitality  of the animal reflected in the  spontaneity of mark and gesture within the paintings

These latest  paintings of dogs are not so much concerned with depicting a detailed portrait but focus more on the movement and energy of the animal, reducing the image to a series of lines and smudges. The textures and colours of the paintings  are informed by the landscape and shifting weather patterns where she lives.

Cara has exhibited widely throughout N. Ireland and has work in many private and public collections

The Caldwell Gallery, Belfast

The McKenny Gallery, Omagh

The Cooper Gallery, Derry

The Whaley Gallery, Belfast


Awards include

National open art competition, N. Irish award 2013

Awards include the Irish news award, Royal Ulster academy 2014

National open art competition, regional award 2016