Brendán O’Piotáin

Brendán O’ Piotáin is a self taught sculptor working with wood and metal. He began creating his Celtic sculptors 20 years ago, inspired by local folklore about mystical fairy trees and the rugged landscape of Achill Island, Co. Mayo, his family home. The basic elements of bog oak and copper capture the subtle tones of mysticism and the natural appeal of the landscape.

Brendán has created many original works over the years, including commissions for Universities, State bodies, private collections and a privately commissioned piece for Hillary Clinton.

“To the Celts the tree stands as a link between the worlds of mortals and the underworld. The branches and the trunk visible in the world of man; the underparts tapping into the hidden mysteries of the after life.The Gaelic word for Oak is “Dara”, not unlike doras, meaning door. Celtic tribes in Ireland had sacred groves of trees called nemeton, where they worshiped and offered sacrifice. Frequently raiding tribes would fell their victims’ sacred trees; this was conceived as a gesture to demoralise the people for whom the tree was a talisman, or crann beathadh, tree of life.”